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Every coach has their own unique style and approach. For effective coaching, it is essential to find the coach you trust and feel comfortable with. I value and recommend the coaches on this page as experts in their chosen field.

Recommended coaches

Julie Sim - Strengths Advocate, Coach, Facilitator & Speaker

Julie uses a strengths focus as a positive driver across both her coaching and facilitation work. She has a light-hearted, quirky personality with a sense of humour that creates an environment people feel comfortable to share and engage in.

Julie is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and a Coach Trainer with NZIC.

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Espie Ford - Executive & Leadership Coach

Espie works with clients with varying backgrounds; from Executives, People Leaders and Individuals.  With a focus on developing strengths, clarity and self-awareness, Espie assists her clients towards attaining their goals and applying meaningful changes that impact how they are being and how they want to show up in life. She is experienced in people management and business development within the Software industry.

Through exploration and discovery Espie supports her clients along a path of growth, development and self-discovery, facilitating the design of strategic personalized plans to empower the individual.

Espie is an ICF Credentialed Coach and a Coach Trainer with the NZ Institute of Coaching.  

Kaarin Ingram, ICF Coach & Trainer


Kaarin comes from an Executive and Consulting background, with a long history of training responsibilities within these roles. She retrained obtaining a Psychology+Gender degree and completed Rogerian counsellor training before coming to Professional Coaching.

Enthusiastic and passionate about personal growth, both for others and herself, Kaarin is also an avid life-long learner. She partners with clients, providing a confidential space for people to gain insights, achieve their goals and live their best life. Kaarin believes no-one knows you better than you know yourself - and that we can sometimes get in our own way.

Having worked her way through Corporate environments and undertaken a career change and sought her purpose, Kaarin is well-versed in the courage and determination it takes to find, be, and stay on the path to achieving goals and living a fulfilled life.

Kaarin is an ICF Professionally Trained Coach, a Pro Bono Coach for the ICF and Editor for the ICF Australasian Northern Branch Marketing Team. In addition, Kaarin is a Saville Wave Psychometric Tester and currently undertaking an Emotional Intelligence certification.

Kaarin is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and in the process of gaining her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.  

Mel is a coach with a speciality in corporate culture and communication, with a particular niche in ambitious and growing companies. Her personable, down to earth style is perfect for entrepreneurs and people managers.

Mel works with people to help them find their own way forward, in the right way for them. If you're not too sure where to start, but have a commitment to do something great, then Mel is perfect for you - she can deftly untangle a complex situation and get you on your way with confidence.

Mel has a BComm in Management and is working towards ICF accreditation. She has 20+ years in Human Resources, was the Chief People Officer and Camp Mother at NZ tech success story Vend, and has advised many growing companies on how to build and evolve a successful culture through her consulting practice, Wisdom at Work.

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Erik van den Top - Leadership and Personal Transformation through Positive Psychology

Erik inspires, enables and empowers people to positivise their impact on self and others.  His coaching philosophy is to optimally support the “growth of mind” (not just growth of skills and capability), clients desire and need to succeed and flourish in their personal and professional world.

Erik is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Certified Leadership Circle Coach, an accredited Strengths Profile practitioner, an approved Heartmath® Add Heart Facilitator and certified PRINT® The Why of You coach.

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